Do professional analysis with CookieMetrix PRO

If you are a professional, stop waste your time in manual analysis: join the PRO version!



5 free page analysis

  • Personal use
  • 5 free page analysis
  • Single web page analyzation
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Starting at € 9.90/website*

Pay on demand - No monthly fees

  • Professional use
  • Unlimited use
  • Entire website analyzation (batch mode)
  • Offline Analysis
  • Full Detailed PDF reports

How it works?

How much?

CookieMetrix Pro uses a very flexible pricing model: the page credit.

For each page you wish to analyze you need an equivalent number of credits.

Example: would you like to analyze 20 web pages? You need 20 page credits.

This model allows you to flexibly manage how to distribute your analyzes.

How to start an analysis?

After you have recharged your account with the number of page credits you prefer, you just have to create a project - if you want to analyze more than one URL at once - or analyze a single page at a time.

If you decide to create a project, you can choose two crawling modes:

  1. Static: if you want to analyze a specific URL list.
  2. Dynamic: enter the maximum number of pages you want to analyze starting from a starting URL, for example from the Home Page; CookieMetrix will independently identify and analyze the remaining pages.

Then you just have to wait for the result of the analysis.

What makes CookieMetrix Pro different from its free version?

Only with CookieMetrix Pro you can perform a professional analysis of a full website or just a limited set of pages. It also allows you to:

  • Download a detailed PDF report to send to your customers;
  • Download the list of total cookies found and send it to your lawyer for the creation of legal documents;
  • Analyze pages in the background, without the need to be in front of the computer;
  • Check the same pages after making changes to the website.

I want to analyze the full website but I don't know how many pages it has. How can I do?

You can start creating a project by choosing the Dynamic crawling mode and by entering an indicative number of pages to analyze. At the end of the analysis, CookieMetrix will warn you of the possible presence of further pages that can be analyzed.

At that point you will decide whether to continue the analysis.

During the creation of the project I inserted a higher number of pages than the website has. How much do I pay?

Do not worry. At the end of the analysis CookieMetrix will immediately refund the excess page credits.

With CookieMetrix you only pay for what you really analyze. Pages that have errors will also be refunded.

Can I only analyze a specific number of pages for a project?

Yes, you can. When creating the project, choose the Static crawling mode. Then enter the list of URLs you want to analyze and start the analysis.